Monday, March 22, 2010

Sister Jardine!!

It's true! :) My mission papers are in the works and almost wrapped up! :) I couldn't be more excited. I've been considering serving a mission for quite some time and am honored to have the opportunity.
I think I first made the decision to serve a mission when I was a kid as my Aunt Amy was serving, but EFY made me consider it for the first time in reality. Seeing Hermana Sazo, the posterity of the church and the work she and my aunt Amy did. The youth from a small corner in the vast world coming together in the gospel. And having Michelle speak of her mission experiences, studying with her, working with her. My first companion. I had a strong desire to share what I've been given. It feels so right!
So here it begins.
I am excited to serve!
And take on the name used last by Aunt Amy........ Sister Jardine :)

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  1. linds!! I'm so excited for you! i had no idea you were going on a mission!